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Beginning to Print an R2 on a CR-10S Pro
kensho Wrote:
Hechtlnjekyll Wrote:I'd recommend nylon locking nuts for the bed to keep the bed level.
There are tons of tutorials and tips out there. I picked that 1 up from one of them. I think it was the 10 best mods for the CR-10.

Also, I don't know if they fixed it or not, but after a while the Z axis stepper opposite the feed likes to get out of sync on mine. I learned that the hard way and I have to keep an eye on it.

I suggest you start small, build up to bigger and better things once you get a hang on it. If you see problems stop and lower your speed a bit or check the web for fixes. A lot of people try to blast through prints and that causes problems.

Welcome to "the 90% done and it unstuck from the bed? NOOO!" club. lol

Thanks for the tips!

Actually I am having the opposite problem now...everything is sticking too well to the build plate. I have gouged the heck of it removing parts. Probably gonna have to get a new one soon. There has to be a better way.

That usually happened to me when I put a little too much glue down or if I tried to pop the part off the bed before a cool down so I could print the next part.
If the part is allowed to cool of it'll usually come off easily. Be careful if you try to pry the part off, you don't just gouge the bed you can mess the level up.

You can also damage the fresh and still malleable part if you pry it off too harshly. I've done that a few too many times.

Before replacing the bed plate you may want to see if you can flip it over and use the other side. (If it's glass like mine)
A good cleaning with a mild solvent and maybe some tape might let you stretch the life of the bed out too. (I've come to hate tape though)

When you print the parts watch the orientation on some, especially if they will be under load/stress. Sometimes orientation matters. Also, it's good to print in a group if possible. Small parts are great to print on a raft, just pop the raft off and leave them on the raft until you need it.
Check the documentation on infill percentages. Sometimes a tidbit about that is tucked away here or there.

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