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September update
I've been printing my R2 since late July of 2018. I've been doing it on and off again between other  projects. (life gets in the way too! Plus the weather) I've also printed an MSE droid and an ID-10 droid, plus the neat Fusion Furnace Mascal did.

I watched James Bruton and he inspired me to take the plunge, which is where I eventually found Michael's revised versions. (actually on Thingiverse first!)

I have been printing parts with my CR-10s4 and my 2 Da Vinci printers... when I can get them to run that is. I am printing Michael's V2. I started just before he went to V3 I believe.

So, I'm trying to build an R2 that is the stock blue color scheme. But, I'm adding mods (like Martyman's 2-3-2 mod, Matt Zwarts dome innards, and others) to it. Plus I want to add a few of my own if possible. I've already modified the arm bays to tuck in additional arms, and I've cut out the saw door with the intent of adding that. I have it and the power arm printed. I'm still debating on adding other features.

I am not that great at sanding though, and I've got some other issues to work out. Like the fit of body ring 2, it seems to be slightly out of round to ring 1. But, slowly getting there. (I hope) I am also not a machinist or engineer. My degree from ITT in electronics was a couple of decades ago. But, that's what the internet is for. Wink

I have the slip ring, shoulder motors, and center leg lift motor coming in sometime in the next week or 2. I still need to break down and order the drive motors and dome motor. I have tons of parts everywhere. lol[Image: 100-0159b.jpg]

Here is the current state of the dome. I goofed, I thought I'd properly sanded some areas that had come up but they popped up when I hit it with the aluminum paint. So, I need to go back and fix them again. (I did mention I'm terrible with sanding!)
The blue is the sonic blue pearl that is recommended at
I have already cut the holes out for the on/off button mod. Also a hole for the radar eye.
[Image: 100-0160b.jpg]
Oops, I don't have a pic of that area. Oh well.
[Image: 100-0161.jpg]
I followed Kyle Campbell's idea of using my 3D pen to fix minor errors. Thanks Kyle!

I also tried out Maxstang's aluminum shoulder wrap. I goofed up a shoulder print (I hit stop instead of pause at 79% complete) and so I decided to try the trick out. It is a little loose but I'll hopefully be able to improve the technique when I try it for real. I do know now that I need to use something other than forceps to tighten the metal though.
[Image: 100-0164.jpg]

My R2 is currently sitting on top of the recycle barrel (lol) so he's out of the way. The bin and parts, plus parts all over the benches, are all for him. Plus some of the boxes on the side...ugh. Lotta stuff.
[Image: 100-0169.jpg]

I have started to collect electronics, I'm planning on using a Raspberry Pi 3+ for the main brain since I want to upgrade it in the future. It has been years since I've played with coding though. The parts for the innards are in the box, some have been painted. I went with aluminum rods so I want to redesign Michael's dome gear ring to better support the innards. I'm not keen about a few mods that I've seen that attach them to the inside of the dome.

That's it for now!

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