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From the beginning
So, R5 is my second Astromech.  My wife wanted a droid of her own for cons so we decided R5 would be a good companion for my R2.  I decided to get a big scale printer and do a Mark III build.  I bought a used CR-10S5 and was very frustrated with the print quality. It needed lots of mods to get it up to speed so I opted for a Big60 by Modix.  It has a 600mmx600mmx600mm build volume.  I had some issues getting that printer tuned up.  So, while I was waiting for replacement parts I tuned up the CR-10S5.  

My Creality mods included assign Z braces, a Y-axis drag chain servo dampers and Bondtech direct drive extruder.  Also, I replaced all of the fans and the motherboard to add the filament out sensor as my used printer was not originally an S model.  I also had to design a custom filament out sensor holder to work with the Bondech extruder.  When I was done, the CR-10S5 is now usable and has good quality prints.

I also got an Epax X1 SLA printer for doing greebles.  It took nine months for R2 to be ready for his first public appearance.  With all of the time I spent tweaking printers, it took five months or so for R5 to get to his first outing.  

My current lineup of printers is as follows:

Lulzbot Taz 6 (did almost all of Version 2 R2-D2) .5 mm nozzle 3mm filament
Lulzbot Mini, original model with .4mm nozzle 3mm filament
CR-10S5 Frankenstein with .4mm nozzle 1.75mm filament
Modix Big60 with .4mm nozzle and 1.75mm filament
Epax X1

I am just posting this info for anyone interested in starting out.  I’d be happy to discuss the merits of the different printers.  You can do a Mr Baddely print on any printer with at least 200mm build volume.  The bigger printers help speed the finishing process and make the droid easier to assemble. It took me about 35 days of print time for each droid spread across the different printers. 

[Image: F590-F091-0-A3-D-4-D2-F-9132-D7-C72-A56155-E.jpg]

[Image: 1-CAEEAC7-1772-4-C04-8-D5-D-BA335-EFDB02-C.jpg]

[Image: 299-AE6-AC-3-B50-45-BE-855-E-654-F1-E22-DEC3.jpg]

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