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April 2021
So, I finally had some free time in late March and earlier this week to get the Mark III drive and center foot together.
I printed the parts in PETG, 2 in PLA, and TPU. The 2 PLA parts are parts I accidentally printed wrong copies of. I don't think they are very structural so I'm not worried that they are PLA at 50% infill while everything else is PETG. If they break... well, I'll worry about that later.

I did a run of TPU parts once I thought I was done with PETG. I printed anything marked NF, Flex, Ninja and whatever. I then had to go back to the PETG to print Eebel's mods and 2 omniwheel shells that had come out wrong due to warping. (Grr)

Anyway, the omniwheels were a pain in the rump! I burned through a cutting disk but got the axles cut. Strangely the spindles for the center foot were extremely tight. As in I had to pound the bearings into place and the axles were tight too. Not sure what was going on there, tolerances?

I also had some cracking from the very tight square nut holes. I filed them and cleaned them beforehand but some still cracked. Fortunately, they are for the Mark III skins which I will most likely not be using. (I already printed the mark II skins before the Mark III came out)
I will epoxy them when I epoxy the body together... If I can get the workbench for some uninterrupted quality time anytime soon.

Oh, I'd like to thank Eebel for the center foot axle mod and posting pics on Thingyverse! Thanks dude! That helped a lot!
[Image: KODAK-Digital-Still-Camera.jpg]

[Image: KODAK-Digital-Still-Camera.jpg]

Yes I know the feet are not supposed to be oriented that way. They are off balance due to the motors and I was propping them up for the photo.
Yeah, I printed in different colors. The yellow PETG was cheap at the time. I didn't think it would matter since it is not going to be seen.

The ankle joint is not attached. I understand the shell has to go on first and then the ankle joint and then the rest of the center foot. That should be... fun.  I have a ways to go before I get there though.

So, next is gluing the body as I mentioned. I also downloaded Eebel's Saw kit while I was at it and printed it in PLA. I have another from someone else. I want to combine and modify them to hinge down so Martyman's 2-3-2 will still work. The same for the zapper.
I am still not sure how to rig the motor mounts for the arms with the 2-3-2, they conflict. Some skullwork is in the future!

I am glad I am done with PETG and TPU for the foreseeable future. I might go back and print small critical parts in PETG but hopefully I won't have to. We'll see.

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