Full Version: Current State
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I will go back and fill in some details as I get time.  However, here is the current state of my R5-D4 build.

[Image: 034-E6-F25-436-B-4-DF9-9-EA0-6-F21659-BF06-A.jpg]
As you can see, he’s got Charge Bay(with servo controlled door mod), Data Panel, Working Buzz Saw, and all eight dome eyes have neopixel LEDs.  What you can’t see is he has manual 2-3-2. It’s super convenient to put him into two-leg mode for maintenance and transportation. I’ll detail this feature in a separate post.

R-5 is a a custom Mark III build with the open back panel. I also added the buzz saw door and mounting fixtures for servos and a linear rail for a working buzz saw.

I have yet to install his gripper and interface arms, bad motivator, life scanner and dome pie servos.  Also, he needs to be weathered.

I’ll cover each of my mods in more details as I get time.